New Year, New Things… I Guess.

This past year has been… something. I could sit here picking my brain for hours, trying to find bigger and better words for descriptive purposes; but, SOMETHING is best.

An emotional roller coaster, filled with more downs than ups and no type of good end in sight. At least, that how it seems to a southern girl with a flare for high dramatics.

My way of coping with a lot of things in my life, typically, has been to write and keep things to myself. I’d share here and there, with a swift and overwhelming desire to take it all back immediately.

I feel now, with encouragement from good friends, is the time to share and release a lot that I’ve written and selfishly kept to myself.

After all; you never know how your words can heal others. I’ve seen it happen through the beautiful works of my friends, and I think part of my own healing could come from comforting others with my own.

Be it poetry, short stories, random blogs, etc.

Here will be the home for my personal masterpieces, small gifts to any and all who stop by. And hopefully it helps others as writing and releasing helps me.

I don’t know fully what I’ll be sharing here, but I hope that all who drop by enjoy whatever I have to say.

Catch you guys soon.

— YoLana C.

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